Saana Simonen, board member of Laureamko, has been chosen to the board of University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland (Suomen opiskelijakuntien liitto – SAMOK ry) for the year 2018. The student unions from around Finland has gathered to SAMOKs 22nd general assembly this weekend in Lahti.

“It’s a great opportunity to be making a difference regarding nationwide matters next year. The past year in the board of Laureamko has thaught me a lot and I look forward to use my knowledge in SAMOK. At the moment I am grateful.”, Saana comments.
Marko Grönlund (SAMMAKKO) was chosen as the president, Maria Jokinen (Metka) as vice president and among Saana the other board members will be Markus Vierumäki (LAMKO), Valtteri Törmänen (OSAKO) and Annika Eskman (ASK). Laureamko congratulates all the ones who was chosen and looks forward to next years collaboration in giving a better future for the students.