Are you interested in being the organizer of Finland’s fastest growing appro event? Are you curious to hop into the role of a developer of student culture? Do you dare to take responsibility for large projects and control both the details and the large scale? If you answered the above questions “damn yes”, you are the person we are looking for!

RaflaRumba Appro, which is held in the Helsinki metropolitan area and is especially popular among the students of Universities of Applied Sciences, is looking for a project manager to implement the event. Approximately 3200 people attended the spring 2023 event. The project manager is responsible for organizing the 2024 event within the goals set by the RaflaRumba Appro steering group. 

Successful implementation of the project manager’s role requires:

  • Experience in organizing events of similar size
  • Project, budgeting and management experience
  • Strong knowledge of student culture
  • Knowledge of the restaurant selection in the Helsinki metropolitan area
  • Interest and experience in event production
  • Ability to work in Finnish and English
  • Marketing and communication skills as well as graphic skills are considered an advantage

The role of the project manager is of a contractual nature and is particularly well suited for a person who already has experience in event production, for example in student organizations, and has a background in suitable studies. The implementation of RaflaRumba Appro 2024 can also be beneficial for studies, for example in the form of a thesis, a project or internship.

In his role, the project manager is responsible for recruiting and leading the RaflaRumba Appro project team, forming the project and marketing plan and budget, negotiating contracts with restaurants, selecting potential performers and reviewing implementation, analysis and development proposals after the event. The event is set to take place in early March 2024. 

In addition to RaflaRumba, you can also organize the Syysrumba event during next autumn semester. We see the possibility of organizing Syysrumba as a positive, but it is not a deal breaker if it is not possible.

The project manager reports their work to the RaflaRumba Appro steering group.

500 € piecework pay will be paid for the position at the end of the Syysrumba event and 1000€ for RaflaRumba. In addition, the project manager has the opportunity to earn 7,5% of the event’s profit if the goals set by the steering group are met.

The application time for the position ends on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm. Submit a free-form application and a resume to [email protected] by the end of the application period. Interviews will be held at Haaga-Helia’s Pasila campus on the 31st of May and 7th of June between 12am and 2pm. All applicants will be contacted.

Further information:

        Mirko Varpunen: [email protected] 

        Niko Lavikainen: [email protected]

       Anni Haavisto: [email protected]