RaflaRumba Appro that has grown with a great  popularity has found it’s iron strong project manager: Hanna Oittila, international business student from Haaga-Helia! We asked the newly chosen project manager how she feels about the upcoming spring:


“After a few days of holding my breath I received the call and I took the job gladly. Yearly growing and as a familiar event to myself as well, I’m happy to face the exciting challenges with event production. My goal is to bring joyful and sunny moments for everyone attending RaflaRumba 2020 next March,” Oittila states enthusiastically.


Oittila will recruit a project team to help her with making RaflaRumba Appro 2020 bigger and better than ever. Student Unions Laureamko, Helga and METKA thank all applicants for applying and encourage everyone to apply for the project team when the time comes!