The digital student card Frank App has had some troubles lately, which has made the memberships from the academic year 2017-2018 and spring 2018 to be seen as valid even after the membership has ended (30.9.). The work to fix the problem has been ongoing and Frank has send email and a notification in the App for the one whose membership is not actually valid.


Have you received the message? What should you take into consideration in this situation? We listed a few important points about it.


  • Before renewing the membership, you can check yourself that have you already renewed the membership.
    • You can check the membership by logging in to Bailataan-service with your username and check the wallet for bought products. If your wallet has a membership card with “Laureamkon jäsenyys 1/8/2018-31/1/2019 or 1/8/2018-30/9/2019“, your membership is valid. NOTE! In this case that your membership is valid, don’t buy a new one.
    • If you can’t remember what email you have used for the login, try to search your email box with “Treanglo” and you will find the email received from the webshop. If the search doesn’t find the email, assumably you have not registered yet and therefore you have not renewed your membership.
  • If the membership is valid, remember to check that your social security number is correct. Frank App needs it to work and if that has not been given when renewing the membership, it is not in your account information and the app doesn’t work. That applies to the ones who have joined as a member this autumn: if the social security number is not there, the app doesn’t work.
    • You can check the social security number and update your information through this link: or from the website/app on the top corner Account -> Memberships -> Edit (pen)
  • If your membership and social security number are correct, the message is probably unnecessary and we are sorry for the trouble from it.
  • If you need help checking your membership, don’t hesitate to contact us: you can ask from our chat ( from mon-fri at 9-17, visit one of our campus offices or contact Niina who is in charge of our membership services (niina[at]


You can find the previously posted Frequently asked questions about Frank App -news here.