Laureamko’s board for the year 2019 will be chosen next week and already in the last week of November the new board begins their orientation. The objective of the orientation is to give the tools for the following year to the recently elected board.

The orientation of the government consists of many parts. First it is to become acquainted with practical tools as to channels of the internal communication and Laureamko’s systems. Next the board will dive into Laureamko’s guiding documents like the political programme and strategy. Different sectors of the operation of the student union are studied in seminar cruise Ship Off as well as with previous board. Furthermore, the new board will be acquainted with the headmasters of Laurea and Laureamko’s most important partners in cooperation.

Orientation of the board is on 27.11.-2.12., 10.12-15.12.17., 12.-18.12. and 3.1.-4.1. Schedule of the orientation in Finnish

The journey of the board will not end in January but board members will deepen their know-how throughout the year. NBoard will learn by doing but also in seminars like event organized by our national union SAMOK. Each board member is able to develop himself in their own sphere of responsibilities but also in other subjects for example communication, influencing, the arranging of events, administration, management of finances and leadership.

Did you become interested? Laureamo’s board for the year 2019 will be chosen at the representatives’ council meeting 22.11. All members of Laureamko are welcome to the meeting. The meeting is arranged in Tikkurila, room B409. Additional information about the applying for the board.