For the ones, who applied to study in the spring, the wait is now over, as the results came. And you, the new student of Laurea: Congratulations for a good place to study in! After you’ve done all the official stuff (for example accepted the study place and brought your diplomas), it will be the time to get to know more about the student union.


We are your student union, Laureamko, and we would like to support you trough your studies. We ensure that all of Laurea hears the voice of the students. We attend work groups, bring forward the feedback we get from the students and are there to help, if any problems accureduring the degree. Our mission is to be there for you and make your student life even better. We also offer you the possibility to connect with other students and relax in different events as in board-game nightsin between your studies.


Just to make it the easiest possible to access our services, we are also online. We have an online store, Laureamko Shop, where you can order our newest overall badges and in the future renew your membership. In addition, we also have a chat on our web page, where you can ask anything rlated with the student union. The chat serves you on weekdays. You can also leave us questions trough the chat even if it isn’t open. Remember in that case to also write us your contact information, so that we’ll be able to answer you.