Your student union Laureamko is making a new strategy which will guide our activities for the next three years. Please join in. We are having two strategy workshops this spring and more in the fall. Workshops are held by CEO of Calumet Oy Miika Toivanen and consist of educational part and workshop part. During process you’ll learn about organizational strategy and much more. Please register to the strategy workshops via links below.
Strategy workshop 1

When: 11.5. at 9.30-15.30

Where: Leppävaaran campus, 013


  • Introduction to strategic work.
  • To start the strategy work.
  • To find problems.

Education: What is organisations strategy?

  • Workshop: SWOT-analysis
  • Advocacy
  • Services
  • Communications
  • Co-operation
  • Finances
  • Organization
  • Operation culture


Please register on 8.5. at latest.


Strategy workshop 2

When: 30.5. at 9.30-15.30

Where: Otaniemen campus, kampusparkki


  • Changes in the operational environment of Student Unions
  • Scenario-based strategy abc

Workshop: Thematic work on scenarios

9.00-9.30 Changes in the operational environment of Student Unions
9.30-10.30 Scenario ABC
10.30-11.30 Workshop 1: Choosing themes
11.30-12.15 Lunch
12.15-14.00 Workshop 2: Making scenarios 1
14.00-14.15 Coffee break
14.15-15:30 Workshop 3: Making scenarios 3


Please register on 25.5. at latest.