The municipal elections are here again.

The municipal elections will be held every fourth year and in them the delegates are chosen for four years at a time to the councils of municipalities.

The local council makes the decisions on the operation and economy of the municipality. There is self-government in every municipality and in the municipality election you can vote only for the candidate of your own municipality. By so voting, you choose members to the council of your municipality.

Vote in advance 29.3. –4.4.2017

Election day is on Sunday 9.4.2017


Laureamko wants to bring the municipal elections near the student. There will be “an election market place” –day on campus when the students have an opportunity to meet candidates.

The events will be arranged in the lobbies of the campuses in the weeks 13 and 14.

ma 27.3. Hyvinkää Laurea

ti 28.3. Tikkurila Laurea

ke 29.3. Leppävaara Laurea

to 30.3. Otaniemi Laurea

pe 31.3. Porvoo Laurea