Laureamko Is Looking for Student Representatives

Laureamko is looking for student representatives from October 1st to November 9th. These representatives make sure students’ voices are heard on all levels of Laurea’s decision-making and have the opportunity to advocate for changes and improvements in their own studies and in the studies of their friends.

There are dozens of working groups at Laurea UAS. Most of the groups have student representation. Some working groups focus on a single degree pogramme and others influence the whole school. We are looking for students who are interested in making a difference to sit in these groups. Student representatives receive study credits for their work as representatives. In addition they gain valuable working life skills, such as argumentation and negotiation skills. Laureamko also offers training to student representatives, the first session of which is on November 22th at 5 PM. Laureamko’s Board will be choosing the applicants on their board meeting on 10th of November.

We are looking for applicants who can commit to a maintaining a dialogue with the student union regarding their working groups. Unfortunately Finnish language is the working language in all of the Development Groups. Applicants who can commit to a whole year on the working group as well as members of the student union are at an advantage in the selection process. We are looking for students who will be interested in and committed to their working groups. Those chosen will have their pictures, emails, and names displayed on Laureamko’s website.

For any questions, contact Linda Lindgren ([email protected]).

Positions open in following groups

Open for applications until 30.11.2023


Statutory bodies

  • Laurea examining board (deputy representative)

Laurea-level development groups

  • Development group of Online Studies (2 representatives)
  • Development group of Master’s Degree (2 representatives)

Bachelors’ degree Development Groups and Work life Steering Groups

  • Student representative of Beauty and cosmetics (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Business management (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Hospitality management and service design (1 representative)
  • Student representative of Nursing (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Physiotherapy (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Public health nursing (1 representative)
  • Student representative of Social services (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Social services in criminal correction (2 representatives)

Descriptions of Student Representative positions

Statutory bodies

Management Team of Laurea

Laurea-level development groups

Laurea Examining Board

Executive Team of Education

Steering Group of Teaching and Guiding

Steering Group of Student Health and Wellbeing

Bachelors’ degree Development Groups

Student Representative of Beauty and Cosmetics

Student Representative of Business Management

Student Representative of Hospitality Management and Service Design

Student Representative of Information Technology

Student Representative of Nursing

Student Representative of Physiotherapy

Student Representative of Public Health Nursing

Student Representative of Safety, Security and Risk Management

Student Representative of Social Services

Student Representative of Social Services in Criminal Correction