1. Where and when can I get my Wappupass?

Wappupasses can be redeemed 26.3.2024 onward from campus offices during their opening hours. Laureamko hands out passes in all Laureamko Wappu events until 30.4.2024. The first event you can get your Wappupass is Wapun Waraslähtö on 4.4.2024.

HOX! You can’t get Laureamko’s Wappupass from Helga’s or Metka’s wappu events, nor Laureamko does not give out passes in Helga’s or Metka’s events.


  1. I have Laureamko’s Wappupass but I didn’t get a stamp. Can I get the stamp later?

If you didn’t receive a stamp from some event, you can collect the stamp from other Laureamko’s Wappu event. However you need to show us the used event ticket from Kide.app, to receive the stamp.


  1. Where can I get the Wappupatch?

Wappupatches will be handed out in Kaivarin Wappu on 1.5. at Laureamko’s tent. So find Laureamko’s tent, show us your Wappupass with at least 5 stamps and the patch is yours. If you have collected 12 stamps, you’ll also receive a Wappudiplom patch.


  1. I’m not able to come collect my patch on May Day 1.5. Can I collect it later?

After Wappu, we’ll take Wappupatches to every campus office and you can redeem your patch during their opening hours. Alternatively you can give your Wappupass to a friend and they can redeem your patch on your behalf.


  1. Do you also get a stamp from May Day’s eve 30.4. and May Day 1.5.?

Yes! You’ll also receive stamps from our free Pre Wappu party and Kaivari’s Wappu events.


  1. I lost my Wappupass, what do I do?

There’s a limited amount of Wappupasses, so please keep it safe and sound. However if you lose Wappupass, please contact us from our email or alternatively come talk to us!


  1. I didn’t get a ticket to the event I wanted to go to, what do I do? 

Unfortunately there’s always a limited number of tickets to our events. However there’s a lots of different events at Laureamkos’s Wappu (And all of Helga’s and Metka’s wappuevents). So not getting a ticket to all of the events, shouldn’t stop you collecting the required stamps.


  1. Can I use my Laureamko Wappupass to get discounted tickets for Helga and METKA Wappuevents?

The Laureamko Wappupass only entitles you to a Wappupass-priced ticket for Laureamko events. You must buy member-priced tickets to Helga and METKA events to get a stamp to your Wappupass.


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