Laureamko proudly presents for the first time in the history Laureamko’s very own May Day! Get your own Wappu pass from your campus office or (5 € members, 9 € non-member) and join our events during the May Day season. Together we will create our very own May Day tradition! With the Wappu pass you are priviledged to buy special-prized tickets for the events and with 5 stamps you get an awesome May Day overall badge and special treats on the actual May Day in Kaivopuisto, where we gather together with Helga, METKA and

Ticket sales for our May Day season events is happening at

Our May Day season events are:

April 24th: Overall badge picnic
April 25th: Kerava Appro
April 26th: Leppävaara’s Overall Sport Day
April 27th: Overall ritual and PreVappu party
April 28th: Hangover picnic
April 29th: Hyvinkää’s Olympic games
April 30th: May Day Karaoke
May 1st: Kaivarin Wappu