Results of the representatives election were decided yesterday. Total of 567 votes were given during elections and voting percent was 17,2 %. Fifteen (15) members and thirteen (13) vice members were chosen to form the Council for the year 2018. Voting in the elections was organized electronically between 8th and 15th of November.

28 candidates and three electoral alliances, EsKot, I Love KOK + Lato and Ransut, participated in the elections. Race between alliances was very even. alla of them got five seats in the Council. EsKot got slim majority of the votes with 34,2 %. Next was I love KOK + Lato with 32,8 % of votes and last Ransut with 29,1 %. Although backrunner Ransut got most seats compared to their numbers since five out of six candidates became members of the Council.

Vote-puller of the elections was Saana Simonen with 43 votes. She got the most votes also in the representatives election of 2016. “I have tried to make student union activity visible and I have discussed about Laurea and Laureamko with my student group and asked for opinion on how to develop the university. It seems I have done something right to get all these votes,” tells Simonen about her election victory.

Newly elected representatives and vice members of the Council will soon start their work. So how will next year in the Council look like? The leader of EsKot Roope Kuivalainen states that they want to improve co-operation between campuses. “In addition to traditional advocacy themes we want to bring sittning culture to Laureamko next year,” tells the spokesperson of I love KOK + Lato Juho Kärkkäinen. Riku Simola of Ransut states as their theme: “We absolutely want to break the ivory tower -feeling between actives of Laureamko and other students and bring everybody together.”


Members of the Council 2018

Liitto Sukunimi Etunimi
EsKot Kuivalainen Roope
I love KOK + Lato Rautiainen Juha
Ransut Simonen Saana
EsKot Kortemäki Mikko
I love KOK + Lato Minkkinen Liisa
Ransut Haarala Susanna
EsKot Lindblom Antti
I love KOK + Lato Mauring Merike
Ransut Pöllänen Laura
EsKot Immonen Sami
I love KOK + Lato Väisänen Lauri
Ransut Simola Riku
EsKot Lintunen Emmi
I love KOK + Lato Laitila Rami
Ransut Markkanen Satu

Vice members of the Council 2018

EsKot Hyvärinen Jenni
I love KOK + Lato Kärkkäinen Juho Kerma
EsKot Nurmi Silja
Ransut Klemola Henna
I love KOK + Lato Feng Kevin
EsKot Hellstedt Ulla
I love KOK + Lato Neulaniemi Juha
EsKot Pitkänen Samuli
I love KOK + Lato Kylmälä Milja
EsKot Siippola Marika
I love KOK + Lato Nieminen Jere
I love KOK + Lato Lassila Samu
I love KOK + Lato Ballester Isabelle