Student Union of Laurea UAS proposes Altti Huttunen as vicepresident of Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) for 2017.
Altti has been a member of the board at Laureamko during 2016. His responsibilities include the student union’s sports
services, clubs and sports tutoring. Among other things Altti has been developing the sports services for universities of
applied sciences in the Helsinki metropolitan area and implementing marketing tours. In addition he has been
involved in starting Laureamko’s sports tutoring and club activities.

“I found a passion for advocacy work and developing sports services when I was chairman of Laureamko’s Kerava campus
team. This year I’ve had a chance to focus on sports advocacy work and organizing sports events as a member of
Laureamko’s board. Thanks to OLL’s trainings and meetings, my desire for sports advocacy work has continued to grow and
now I’m ready to play on a bigger field” Altti proclaims.

“Altti is an innovative and cooperative actor in an university environment and he does not shy away from taking responsibility. On Laureamko’s board he has been strongly building unified sports services for capital area universities of applied sciences,” Laurea’s principal
Jouni Koski states.

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