Student Union of Laurea UAS represent Saana Simonen to the board of Union of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK for year 2018. Saana is a board member is Laureamko and a part of advocacy team. She has also actively developed Laureamko’s communications. Developing education and improving students’ wellbeing are Saana’s responsibilities in the board of Laureamko. She has also been involved in creating new strategy for Student Union and took part in campaigning during municipality elections.

“During this year I have been able to make a difference in student wellbeing and quality of education in Laurea. The work has been very rewarding and I’m excited to continue with these themes on a national level. Since I’m a parent as well as student, I feel that I have a lot to give and a new perspective on SAMOK’s advocacy work. I want SAMOK to take better into account the diversity of student families,” says Saana.

“We in Laurea admire Saana for her commitment to better students’ wellbeing and improve the quality of education. Saana’s ability to work with staff and students has provided Laurea a valuable channel to get feedback and develop. Saana’s enthusiasm and capability to finish what she started are undoubtedly things that are needed in SAMOK,” says Laurea’s Jouni Koski.


Contact information

Saana Simonen                                                                      Roope Kuivalainen

Candidate                                                                               Campaign manager

044 2877 155                                                                         044 2877 151

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