Laureamko has been following the development of the corona situation during this fall. The infection rates have been going up again especially in the capital area, so we have had to re-evaluate our functions for the rest of this year.

The board of Laureamko has had a meeting on 1.10. and decided that all events with more than 50 participants will be cancelled or changed to be online. This also applies to campus teams’ events. The information about possible online versions of the events will be on the events’ own page, so follow them actively.

Making this decision has been really difficult, since we have done so much to make these events happen. Still, we want to be responsible and also follow Laurea’s guidelines. 

All the already sold tickets will be refunded to the buyers. More information about the refund will be available in a few days on the event pages. 

If you have any questions about the cancellation of the events, please contact the president of the board Miisa Tervala. 

Written by, Miisa Tervala

[email protected]   and 0442877151