Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences Laureamko’s Council of Representatives decided in their last meeting 6th November that Laureamko will join the Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL. Yesterday OLL accepted the application. Student Unions including Laureamko have been part of OLL before through the parent organization Suomen opiskelijakuntien liitto SAMOK. In SAMOK’s last union meeting, students unions decided that SAMOK will resign OLL. The main reason behind the decision was will to add democracy and reduce administrative workload. This decision meant that all the student unions had to decide if they want to be part of the OLL in the future.

The board of the Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences Laureamko supported the idea of the membership. The board set especially store by OLL’s advocacy work in Finland and in Europe: “OLL has done a great job promoting students interest and that way advance students wellbeing. The board didn’t see any reason not to join the organization”, says the president of Laureamko’s Board Lauri Väisänen.

The Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL is a national advocacy and service organisation working on behalf of Finnish student sports. OLL is the common representative for all Finnish students at higher education institutions. OLL pursue its goals through sports policy advocacy as well as through coordinating sports and member events. OLL governs Finnish student elite sports, international organisation work, sports advocacy for students. It also coordinates the higher education students’ national sporting events and informs and supports students participating in the European Universities Championships and the EUSA Games.


More information about OLL’s work on the website here.