Student Union Laureamko brought into use a shared membership register with ASK, HUMAKO, Helga, Metka and TUO in 2018. During spring 2019, the Student Union JAMKO from Jyväskylä will join the cooperation and the membership register

The purpose of the shared membership register is the improvement of the services of the student union and meeting the demands of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU. Student Union Laureamko’s members can also do business at the offices of the student unions mentioned above and get the same service as from their own Student Union

In the shared membership register, the data of the members can be seen by all student unions mentioned above as this is required for the joint service. In the future, the service can also be given in Jyväskylä at the office of JAMKO. Special attention will be paid to the privacy of the members: The users of the systems are trained for their tasks and they have signed an agreement of data privacy. Furthermore, the wider personal data of the members can only be seen by a restricted amount of users that mainly consist of the staff of the student unions. The data will not be given to any other parties than the mentioned Student Unions. The member information will be removed automatically 13 months after the latest membership has expired.

You have the right to forbid processing your data in the membership register. In that case, your membership will end and your digital student card the Slice will stop to operate. The plastic student card can be used until the validity of the sticker has expired, but new stickers will not be given if the member information is not in the membership register. If you want to forbid processing your data in the membership register, contact the e-mail address below

Additional information:

Mari Lehtoruusu, [email protected]