Are you interested in student wellbeing?

Are you an inspiring community developer?

Have you pondered how the Student Union could serve students better?

Does your heart beat to the rhythm of student advocacy work?


If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you might be the person we are looking for. Any member of Laureamko is eligable to the board os Laureamko for 2018. The Council of Representatives chooses the board in their first meeting 29.11.2017.

The board leads the operation of the student union and represents Laureamko and all students of Laurea. The board operates within the limits of the plan of action that is approved by the council. The board consists of the president, the vice president and from three (3) to eight (8) board members in total. The board forms both the advocacy and service teams and along with employees of Laureamko board members lobby Laurea, arrange events and develop the services and communications of Laureamko.

Members of the board learn during their year many things from the meeting techniques to strategic management. They develop different skills from the public speaking to service design. The members of the board can become experts in different subjects according to their own interest. The example of the different topics are developing of the education, marketing of the membership, improving of the services of the student union, the student’s livelihood or even sport services in higher education. You can even get credits from your activities.

Did you become interested? Express your interest by sending the representatives’ secretary ([email protected]) a free-form application 29.11.2017 at 15 by latest or arrive to the first meeting of the council.



Training of the new board starts allready in the December of 2017. Please reserve the whole day for the trainings.

Date What Time Where
5.12.2017 Meeting with Laurea’s directors and office meeting 12.00- Tikkurila, A306
11.12.2017 Training day 1 9.00-20.00 Tikkurila, A303
12.12.2017 Training day 2 9.00-16.30 Tikkurila, A306
13.12.2017 Ship Off, day 1 13.00
Pro’s office, Selkämerenkuja 1
14.12.2017 Siph Off, day 2
15.12.2017 3AMK -networking 17.00
Bulevardi 31, Metropolia’s hall
18.12.2017 Training day 3 9.00-20.00 Tikkurila, A122
19.12.2017 Training day 4 9.00-16.30 Tikkurila, AB400
4.1.2018 Laureamko info’s and week 9.00-15.00 Tikkurila, B101
5.1.2018 Start Lunch for year 2018 11.30-13.30