According to the information we have received, Compass-Group is implementing identification integrated into Pivo’s student card in its Laurea student restaurants. The new system will initially apply to the student restaurant in Tikkurila, and later possibly also to the student restaurants in Hyvinkää and Otaniemi. It is based on Kela’s requirement that restaurants offering food at student prices must verify student status with every purchase. Pivo’s student card is tied to the paid student union membership at many UAS, including at Laurea. In addition to the student card, Pivo also has a separate, free meal support card, which, however, is not currently available to Laurea students.

A situation where proof of student entitlement in a student restaurant would be linked to paid membership of a student union would put students in an unequal position. The role of the Student Union at Laurea is primarily to act as a student advocate, to promote student culture and community at university level and to enhance the development of professional identity in the sector. Compulsory membership would not contribute to these objectives. Laureamko is thus currently exploring the possibility of a Pivo meal subsidy card for Laurea students as one possible solution to this situation. 

For more information, please contact the Chairperson of the board or the Executive Director of Laureamko:


Mirko Varpunen

Chairperson of the board

[email protected]

044 287 7151


Rami Hollmerus

Executive Director

[email protected]

044 287 7161