Many can’t say this spring hasn’t affected their activities, and the same goes to Laureamko’s Service team.

We were forced to cancel many events we had worked hard on. Fortunately some events, such as Laureamko’s Wappu and training event Ship Off, had experienced a transformation to a more virtual version of themseles.

Monday’s meeting was the last for this spring for Service team. We tackled subjects such as communications during summer and events in fall. Summertime will contain lighter matters more suited to cater students enjoying their holidays. We embark on a journey to find the most popular ice cream flavours among Laureamko’s actives and to discover the quaintest and quietest nooks and crannies, most suitable for studying outdoors this summer.

New concepts

If you were to get excited on new products and concepts, then you might not be able to wait until these are launched in fall. Laureamko brings back their own tote bags, which can be bought at campus. In addition, we are planning to launch Laureamko’s first Freshman’s Pass (“fuksipassi”). Freshman’s Pass is an easy and fun way to get to know Laurea UAS and what the student union offers students and its members.

Tutoring and orientations

Freshman Passes are planned to be handed out to new students during orientation that of which the board members Jesse and Christian and specialist Janne Silajärvi have planned meticulously. In addition to orientation planning, next fall’s tutor camp planning has also been started. Tutor team wants to involve previously trained tutors even more in organising the camp as we had a great help from an active tutor this spring.

Finally, we took a deep dive into tutors’ plans of Laureamko-week events and we are reassured by these plans. We would like to mention that we are working hard to make events and activities enjoyable for our actives while honoring Laurea’s guidelines. In the unfortunate case of tthis exceptional period prolonging to fall, we will do everything in our power to ensure the best and safest event experience to every participant. We are ready to help our tutors to tweak their event ideas.

Amazing, you reached the end of this article! If you have any questions regarding above mentioned topics or wish to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thanks for getting to know us a bit better, 

Service team
(board members Annika, Jesse and Christian, specialists Janne and Niina)