New year and new winds. This year we are going to keep a blog about the meetings of the Council of Representatives of Laureamko.

We held the first meeting of this new year (and first of the decade) in Leppävaara campus on Monday the 3rd of February. We began the meeting by verifying the new composition of the council after the board of Laureamko got organized. After that we quickly checked what projects there are now for this year and how they are doing. We took a closer look at one of this year’s projects, a project for writing an Equality Plan for Laureamko. We thought about what we want from the plan and how we hope for the project to proceed.

We put our heads together and thought about how we could improve campus teams’ and campuses’ activities. We also discussed Laureamko’s membership periods and their future, but an official decision will be made later in spring. We strayed from the subject a little bit and also talked about how to improve the contents of Laureamko’s membership and we came up with some good ideas. At the end of the meeting we decided to update the board’s instructions which we will approve at the next meeting. The first meeting went well and it was a good start for this new term!

Written: Anni Parkkonen, member of the Council of Representatives