Are you a member of Laureamko? Great! If your membership continues on spring 2019, you are able to take early start on our new student card. Slice is a mobile student card which is loaded into your mobilephone. In addition to the student card you’ll find lots of benefits and discounts in Slice. And we are continuously searching more of them. If you want to get the most from your membership, start using Slice now!

Follow these steps:

  1. Check that your membership info is up to date in our member register.
    • Sing in to your account at
    • Scroll to your membership and click the pen icon.
    • Update your info
    • Psssst. If you haven’t yet used our webshop to buy or renew your membership, but you have one, you can make updates by contacting us on [email protected].
  2. Order your password to Slice at
    • Use the same info as in member register.
    • When information matches, Slice will send you an e-mail with your password.
  3. Download Slice app to your mobilephone from app store.
  4. Sign in the app.
    • Remember to give the app all permissions it asks to activate your student card.
  5. Enjoy studet discounts and benefits with Slice!


PS. We will quit our partnership with Frank 1.1.2019. Our members can use Frank app till the end of February, but we recommend to start using Slice in advance. We will distribute semester stickers to plastic student cards in the future also, but we recommend using Slice in addition to plastic student card.