Here is answers for frequently asked questions about digital student card, Frank App.

  • In the app is always seen only one term at a time, in other words at the moment there is autumn semester. So if you have paid the membership of the academic year, you have membership of the academic year. Even though unfortunately the information is not seen in the app yet. The information will be automatically updated at the end of the year when the app is postponed for the spring semester.


  • For to the same reason the app will show this time of year that all the active members would have membership valid until the end of January. So spring semester 2018 membership looks in the app to be valid until 31.1.2019, but real it will be valid until the end of September. However, the app will update the information on October 1st and the app stop working if the member has not renewed the membership rightly for the autumn semester. If you are your uncertain membership from the validity, please contact us. We’ll check the matter to you! You can ask information from our offices, in the chat or send email for our member services specialist Niina (niina[at]


  • You need to be a member of student union to use Frank App. App costs 2,90 € / year.



  • The app need Finnish social security number. When you have got it, you can add it by yourself to your information. Here you will find instructions for updating the information. If you need help, please contact our member services specialist Niina (niina[at] NOTE! Never send your Finnish social security number via regular email or Facebook / chat, it’s not safe.


  • You are eligible to all the same student discounts and benefits with the digital student card as with the plastic ­one.