Laureamko is member of Finnish Student Sport Federation (later just OLL) and if you’re our member you are too member of OLL. Here is a new newsletter from them.

Student discounts on everything from climbing to Gymba Active Boards

As a member of OLL, you can get big discounts on the following, among other things:

  • entrance fees to the Irti Maasta climbing centres
  • Ergo Finland’s products for active studies
  • high-quality leisurewear from Macron.

Check out all the valuable discounts on OLL’s membership benefits website Jäsenedut (only in Finnish and Swedish).

Make your voice heard on EUSA’s student blog

Is it possible to do sport in a sustainable way? In the European University Sports Association’s student blog, German student Moritz Belmann discusses how to combine student sports and sustainable development. How can we consider climate change and more sustainable alternatives in sports and exercise?

Psst! EUSA is always looking for new writers for its student blog. Would you be interested in writing about a topic that is important to you and share your blog post with EUSA’s international readership? You can find instructions for how to apply to become a writer at the end of Moritz’s blog post on the EUSA website.