“The Discrimination-free Zone campaign is an information campaign to combat any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment. It enables organisations and work communities to declare their commitment to the principle of non-discrimination. Declaring a discrimination-free zone means opposition to discrimination, addressing the problem if one exists, and recognising equality between human beings. Such a declaration is also a signal to employees, job-seekers and customers that the organisation welcomes everyone irrespective of gender, age, ethnic background, religion or belief, opinion, state of health, disability or sexual orientation.” ( Equality.fi )

Laureamko has been a Discrimination-free Zone for a long time, but now we have the Discrimination-free Zone -signs at each of our campus team offices.

Laurea has its own “student equality-program” and it can be found on LINK (we are sorry it is only in Finnish). This program guides our actions also in Laureamko. The starting point is that each student, staff member and partner of Laurea is equal.

In Laureamko we also have harassment contact persons. You can contact them, if you feel discriminated against.