Have you not yet found your candidate for election of Council of Representatives? Would you like to get to know better our candidates? Would you like to know better what Council of Representatives or Bord of Laureamko does? No worries, we have the solution! Laureamko will organize election debates for candidates on Tuesday 1st of November at 6pm @Baarikärpänen. So come to follow good conversation, get to know our candidates and hear more about Laureamko. There will be some snacks.


The evening schedule:

18.00 doors open

18.30 the program starts (ia election debates, competitive, discussions)

21.00 event ends and doors will be open for everybody


So what election debates?

What? Election debates.

When? Tue 1.11. at 18.00-21.00.

Where? Baarikärpänen, Helsinki.

How much? Cloak-room fee 3€.


See you soon!


Ps. More info for elections here and on Facebook!