Student union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences will have the election of the Council of Representatives on 27th Of October to 3rd of November. Our Central Election Committee has confirmed the candidates for the election today and here they are!

Electoral Alliance TASE:

2. Janne Lohilahti

3. Suvi Nieminen

4. Eero Turkulainen

Electoral Alliance Punainen Sydän:

5. Heidi Miettinen

6. Silja Nurmi

7.  Camilla Relander

8.  Alina Virolainen

Electoral Coalition Resote (formed by electoral alliances La’SOTE and LauResto)

Electoral Alliance La’SOTE

9. Janita Aaltonen

10. Katja Henriksson

11. Jenna Jourio

12. Iita Kalliokoski

13. Joonas Keränen

14. Katja Menschakoff

15. Renja Tilander

16. Carita Törhönen

Electoral Alliance LauResto

17. Waltteri Jarva

18. Venla Kääriä

19.  Janina Saaristo

More information about our candidates will be published on our websites “Council of Representatives election”-site by the end of this week.