Grades are late, cafeteria doesn’t have salad anymore and the teacher held a lecture so brilliant that every lecture should be like that. But where can you give feedback from all of this?

The answer is Vox Box! Vox Box is Laureamko’s feedback channel that students can find from Laureamko’s website. The idea of Vox Box is to act as an easy channel, where students can give feedback and development suggestions, anonymously or with their name. Online-based feedback channel makes it possible for example for students from Porvoo to give feedback, without traveling, to Laureamko’s staff, who mainly work in Tikkurila. Vox Box channel is also good in situations where the student doesn’t know who to give the feedback or the development idea to.

Usually the advocacy team of Laureamko, which includes members from Laureamko’s board and few specialists, handles feedbacks from Vox Box. This year the advocacy team has six members. Board members; Silja Nurmi, Taru Salovaara, Anton Laaksonen, Liisa Niinivirta and specialists; Ainomaija Rajoo and Mari Lehtoruusu. Ainomaija has the main responsibility for Vox Box. She gives the feedback responsibilities forward based on the feedback. For example, event related feedback is directed to event manager and campus related to campus teams.

But how does Vox Box work? First the student fills the Vox Box online-form on Laureamko’s website. After that the form will be transferred to Laureamko’s internal excel chart. Then the feedback will be dealt with and forwarded to parties involved. When the feedback or the situation has been resolved, the feedback provider will be contacted. They will be explained how the situation was resolved or what has been done based on the student’s feedback. However not all students who leave feedback are contacted, because students can choose if they want to be contacted. Also, anonymous feedback is completely permitted.

Vox Box was opened in 2016 and overall it has received over 200 feedbacks. Last year there were about 77 feedbacks and this year already 47! Most of the feedbacks are from education and studies. 16 feedbacks about education has been received this year and approximately 10 feedback about the student union. Many student union related feedbacks are also positive. Other common feedback subjects are about campuses, Slice-app, student discounts and Laurea’s staff. Vox Box is full of different kinds of feedback and development suggestions. All feedback is valuable for Laureamko.

Laureamko also receives feedback via email and all feedbacks are dealt whit confidence and equally, regardless where (Vox Box, email, face-to-face…) the feedback has come from. We hope that you will also leave feedback if it is necessary, so we can improve our UAS and student union!