My own active career started right at the end of my freshman year. My tutor was a member of the campus team, and told me that if the activity sounds interesting at all, it’s worth going to the meeting to check it out. Now, two years later, I am the president of Tikkurila’s campus team. In between, I have had time to work in team responsible for the finances, as well as the tutor responsible. So, I started my active career full of curiosity, and have stayed on road ever since.

So, what do campus teams do? Certainly, the most visible part for most students is the campus office service we do. When the office is open, we sell e.g. overalls and overall patches, we activate Zone memberships and generally aim to help, or at least guide you in the right direction in problem situations. You can often find me at the office when it’s open. Oh yeah: during opening hours you are also welcome to come and grab a cup of coffee!

Parties and other events are one thing that comes to mind for many people about students. Campus teams arrange annual events in the vicinity of the campus, although the past year was a bit challenging in this regard. Now, especially on campus, us actives have had the chance to be creative, as the upcoming Wappu will be held remotely, and the events will certainly be a bit different from the usual appros and sits. You can always suggest new event ideas, whether you are active or not. We will definitely listen and try our best to organize exactly the type of events you would like. =)

The campus team also acts as local advocates for students. While Voxbox works well as a feedback channel (have you already heard about Voxbox?) you can also come directly to us with your worries or tell us what you’d like to improve about the campus. The campus team presidents meet up with the units’ management a few times a semester. This enhances the information flow between the student union and the school. Feedback and plans are shared back and forth to make Laurea an even better place to study!

In the campus team, you get to network, gain experience in organizing events and make the student experience more comfortable for all of us! In positions of responsibility, you also have the opportunity to advance your leadership skills and see how the finances of an organization like Laureamko work. If you are interested, you can send an e-mail to the campus team of your own campus directly ([email protected]) or follow their social media and show up for the next meeting. Being an active certainly does not leave anyone cold, and in addition to the experience, it is also possible to apply for ECTs. So what are you waiting for?


-Petteri, social services student, president of Tikkurila campus team