We are searching for a student representative to the board of Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The application period for the task is 21.3. – 18.04.2017. Board member’s term expires at the 2019 annual general meeting. Work language for the board is Finnish. Board member is elected in the Laureamko council of representatives meeting in 20.4. Leppävaara campus at 17:00. Applicants have the opportunity to come to the meeting to introduce himself and answer the questions of representatives. If the applicant can’t make it to the meeting, He/she will have an opportunity to attend the meeting remotely. In this case the applicant has to contact in advance the President of the council of representatives Jere Nieminen, [email protected].

An application must contain the applicant’s supposed graduation time. The tasks for the board of Laurea University of Applied Sciences can be found from the law of University of applied sciences (translation not available, Finnish link here, act 16), we expect the applicant’s ability to handle large entities, Vision for the development of Laurea, good communication skills and commitment to the task. The application is filled with Halloped.fi service.

Halloped.fi service log on is to the top right of the site through the Haka login system using Laurea’s username and password. You have to log on to the website every time you want to put an application. Further information: Jari Nuutinen, specialist, 044 2877 154, [email protected]