Hello! I’m Renja and this year I’m the chair of the Laureamko board, but my path here started as a tutor in autumn 2021. I think I originally applied to be a tutor to find new friends and strengthen friendships with other tutors from my class in the midst of remote studying. In addition, my own tutors had seemed to enjoy tutoring and I wanted to get to experience the same. Personally, I liked tutoring so much that I wanted to continue it several times and on a small campus it was possible. I ended up tutoring for a total of three semesters and up to eight starting groups before moving on to board duties.

As a fourth year student, I can say that the best and closest friends I have made during my studies have been through tutoring or as a result of other active work. This includes other tutors on my own campus in particular, but also tutors from other campuses, freshers I have tutored, and more recent tutors I have had the opportunity to train myself. When I was applying to school, I was nervous about the kind of friends I would make at my new school, but through tutoring I have been able to meet the most important ones.

Tutoring is a great stepping stone to wherever you want to go in life. It’s how I got into other positions at Laureamko, and over the years I’ve been able to work in all the other active roles. If these roles don’t interest you, tutoring also looks good as credits on your degree certificate and as an addition to your CV! Being active during your studies and taking part in voluntary activities also says positive things, even to your future employer. And as a tutor, you will also gain many skills that will be useful later on.

When I was tutoring starting groups, I got to practise performing and group management on several occasions. In my first year of school, I remember being nervous about all the presentations and speaking in front of the class. However, after tutoring, I have even learned to enjoy being in front of a large group in a relaxed way, inspiring and encouraging others. Nowadays, I find myself applying myself to tasks and situations that I would have previously avoided because of my nervousness. 

Tutoring is very rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested!

The next tutor search will take place in April and you can find more detailed application instructions here. All Laurea students can apply to become a tutor, including, for example, pathway students and online students.