“I was selected as the President of the Representative Council with little prior experience from Laureamkos activities, tutoring was the only one. Councils actions were a mystery to me because I didn’t have any experiences. So it was a leap to the unknown as we Finns say.

In the winter and spring the operational environment of Laureamko changed a lot. We got a new board, council, marketing expert and executive director. It has been a big challenge for me to cope with all that.

The Council of Representatives of the Student Union exercises the ultimate authority in decision making of the Student Union. It gives a really different perspective compared to being only a member of campus team or a member of some association. At this time we are making a new strategy for Laureamko. It will guide the actions of the Student Union in the near future. It’s nice to have a chance to really use and implement the things learned in courses. I think it’s one of the best sides of being an active member in Laureamko.

The role of the President of the Council is a role in which I feel comfortable; it gives a really wide perspective over the whole student activity field. I can without any hesitation recommend the Council for everyone who has motivation to change things. The Council has a real chance of making an influence regarding the future of the students and the Student Union. Next elections will be in the autumn ;).”

Jere Nieminen

President of the Council