“I started working as Executive Director of Laureamko 16th of January that is, almost exactly a month ago. Getting to know Laurea and Laureamko over the past weeks have felt a little like my freshman year. Days have been full of new people, new places and learning, which has been a great fun.

Practically the first job I had was the honor to wear the penguin outfit “Lenni” on Laureamko’s Ship Off-cruise. The suit was comfortable, but for some reason other cruise guests gave me weird looks in the buffet. The purpose of the cruise was that the actives, the board-members, the representative council members and the staff get to know each other and familiarize themselves with different things. Among other things we brainstormed in workshops new event concepts and ways to inspire students to vote for Laura’s spring municipal elections.

Sailing has been somewhat theme of the month because next we went to SAMOK’s cruise Lähtölaukaus. There the board-members and staff networked with our colleagues from around Finland. Best part of Lähtölaukaus were the speeches on various topics from student union alumni including our own boy Simo Takanen. It is staggering to see what kind of expertise participation to student unions can give. I strongly recommend to every student of Laurea’s to toe-dip in student union, it can take you to unexpected places!

Besides sailing my first weeks have also included learning  the everyday routines of Laureamko. Now that I have found a place for my tea cup, it is also the time to plan for the future. Personally, I look forward to touring all Laureamko campuses. During spring my biggest challenge is to guide the renewing of Laureamko’s strategy. How we could be a better student union? What kind of activities would attract you to join in? How Laureamko could change the world? Participate in and put your ideas to us or directly to me!” -Mari Lehtoruusu, Executive Director of Laureamko