“I started being the president of the board at the beginning of the year, but I still feel that everything is new. The year started with very surprising marks, when our longtime executive director Susanna Issakainen received a job offer from Jytyliitto, and my first tasks was to recruit a new Executive Director. Fortunately, the process went well and we got Mari Lehtoruusu to join us!

Being a president of the board has been really interesting. Every day I come in contact with things that needs to have an opinion and have to react, even if it’s the first time you have heard of it. This makes the job challenging, but varied. At the same time the world of higher education is accessible in it’s all various aspects, and can participate in work groups, through which the development of Laurea is made.

The biggest problem which I have encountered is time. There are a lot of ideas one would want to start to develop and try out, but don’t have the time to do everything. Has been comical to say that my own opinion as to where to invest time, has changed through the job.

Collaborative work and networks of other universities, student unions and stakeholders have also opened my vision of what’s possible with the student union and which things  we are able to participate and influence. It has been great to work with people who are interested in the welfare of students and promote the interests. At the same time it has been a pleasure to see a huge number of young people who want to influence the common matters!

I’m nervous about the future, but due to the nature of the work I’m not gonna get bored. While we had challenges at the start of the year, I think that I can survive them. And no one has died being the president of the board so far, so I think I’ll manage.” Roope Kuivalainen, president of the Board