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A new 5cr project has been developed by Laureamko, Laurea and support services to assist international students with integrating into Finnish society and Laurea life. This assistance will be via a 1:1 mentoring programme throughout the first year of the student’s studies. It will involve mini projects, a camp, monthly meetings and assessment will be via participation, kyvyt.fi portfolio and collectively creating an integration guidebook for future use. We are seeking those students familiar with Finnish society, services and perhaps the Finnish language, to be mentors.

Skills required:
Comfortable communicating in English
Willingness to help other students

What you will gain:
Development in multicultural communication and improvement of language.
Knowledge of other cultures and interaction skills
New international friends
Knowledge of how to work in a multicultural environment

Good to know:
You must be available for the whole academic year 2016/2017.

Training will be on 21st April 2016 13.00-17.30.

Introduction to mentoring
– what is a mentor?
– difference between a tutor and a mentor.
– your role as a mentor.
Ethics of mentoring
– ethical guidelines.
– respect and behaviour as a mentor.
– how multicultural are you?
– developing a mentors code of conduct.
– understanding of what it means to integrate.
– problems you foresee.
– what you feel would be worth assisting international students with.
Schedule for the fall semester.

The project is worth 5cr and assessment will be made based on activeness and progression throughout the project. Interviews may be held for mentors prior to the training and notification will be sent via email if this is so.

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If you have any queries please feel free to contact:
Leena Kuosmanen ([email protected]) or
Ian McCready ([email protected])

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