The Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences is naming a student member for FUAS Governing Board for term 2017-2018. The Federation of Universities of Applied Sciences, FUAS, is an alliance of independent universities of applied sciences; Häme University of Applied Sciences, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, and Laurea University of Applied Sciences. All student from any member universities of applied sciences may apply to this place.


The task of the Governing Board is to promote the strategic development of FUAS as a whole and the partnership of member UASs with the aim of strengthening the alliance. The Governing Board is in charge of the monitoring of strategy implementation.


Send a free-form application to [email protected] by 16.1.2017.


Student member will be named by the Council of representatives of The Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences in their meeting on 18.1.2017.


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