Last update: April 1st at 12.15 pm

Welcome to follow Laureamko’s news about the Coronavirus situation. In this page we will share updated topics regularly and the newest topic can be found on top right of this page. Whether you have any questions relating to studies (i.e. book returns or course contents) our chat on bottom right of our web page is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You can also chat outside of these times, during which we then contact you the next work day via email. 


Laureamko has many exceptional partners that are ready to advice and support you during the epidemic: 
  • MIELI ry is a Finnish mental health organization that has material on crises in life and how to cope with them here.
  • Nyyti ry offers chat services and webinars on study related topics.
  • Laurea’s Student Priests are also here for you! You can find their information at LINK by searching “Student Priest” or clicking Study Support and under “Wellbeing” Student Priest.
  • Remember to keep your physical health in check, too! Stand up and stretch every now and then. You can also utilize Yogobe, which is a free Yoga application to all Laureamko members. There you can find short videos on stretching and keeping your muscles active at home. 
General instructions 
  • Government extends measures related to emergency conditions until 13 May, read more here.
  • Avoid going to crowds and public places.
  • Remember to wash your hands with soap and sneeze to your arm or disposable handkerchief to avoid spreading bacteria and viruses.
  • Please follow Laurea’s news on studies and services in LINK and from your school email. 
  • In addition, please follow country officials briefings and instructions (such as updates from THL)
News on Laurea UAS and its services 
  • All campuses are closed from Monday 16th of March onward and all studies are moved online. Updates regarding this can be found in student intra LINK and from your student email. Campuses are closed until 31st of May and after that if necessary, the situation will be reassess.
  • Laurea is adding more online courses to its selection to minimize any adverse effects in the progression of studies that cancelled studies and internships abroad may have caused. NOTE: Be sure to inform your teacher on any cancelled internships.
  • The libraries offer their services online only: Library chat and personnel offer guidance regarding reservations or lent books, contact information can be found here.
    • All duedates for lent books and material are moved automatically to 13th of April. The limit of renewals has been raised from 10 times to 15 times. 
    • During this time, the fines will not accumulate from outdated loans. Any previous fines can be paid online here
    • The library won’t charge previously made, non-collected reservations.
  • The Student Affairs Offices are only online 
  • The retake examination will not be held at the campuses on 16 April 2020 (same thing with retake examination in May).
    • All enrolments in the retake has been delivered to the teacher responsible for the exam, who will inform of an alternative means to take the exam. The teacher will also notify of the date. If you need help, please contact the Student Affairs Offices.
  • The Graduation Ceremony will be rearranged on 28.8.2020 at the Helsinki Hall of Culture.


Regarding Kela benefits and services
  • In the case of being unable to study, the payment of study benefits can still be continued even if the study requirement is not met. The maximum period of payment of student financial aid can also be extended. Read more from Kela’s pages.
  • Subsidised meals for higher education students can be provided on a take-away or home-delivery basis if a student restaurant can provide such a service. This exceptional arrangement is effective until further notice but not beyond 31 May 2020. PLEASE NOTE, that it’s not possible to buy subsidised meals from campus’ student restaurants as long as Laurea’s campuses are closed.
  • All updated news regarding the epidemic’s effects to Kela can be found here.
News on Laureamko and its services 
  • We have set up a Discord channel for all Laurea UAS students where we can talk freely about studying online and share our thoughts on the epidemic at hand. there’s also a chance to spend time together with other students or play games through streaming. Discord is a free voice and text chat application for computers and mobile for the things listed above and many more! Laureamko’s Discord channel can be found here.
  • Laureamko’s events of the spring semester have been canceled. The situation is affected most by Laureamko’s May Day (Laureamkon Wappu) event, but replacement of the event: “digital Wappu” is coming. More information is coming soon so follow us on Facebook.
  • All deliveries from our web shop will continue normally from 24th of March onwards. Our selection of Laureamko merch and membership can be found at
  • All Zone Sport Services have been cancelled for the rest of the 2020 spring season. These measures are taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Read more on Zone’s website.