Student Union of Laurea Univeristy of Applied Siences Laureamko Council of Representatives had organizing meeting today on 22nd of November in Tikkurila. In meeting Council selected Presidents and board for year 2019.


President of the Council in year 2019 will be Anna Marttila (Hyvinkää, Nursing) and Vice-President Ingrid Ramberg (Otaniemi, Social Services). Councils term is from 1.1. to 31.12.2019.


President of the Board in year 2019 will be Silja Nurmi (Hyvinkää, Nursing). Vice-President will be Jani Viita (Lohja, Business Management). Members of the Board will be Lauri Ellilä (Tikkurila, Business Management), Anton Laaksonen (Hyvinkää, Social Services), Katja Menschakoff (Otaniemi, Social Services), Liisa Niinivirta (Leppävaara, Security Management), Taru Salovaara (Lohja, Nursing) and Miisa Tervala (Tikkurila, Social Services). Boards term is from 1.1. to 31.12.2019.


Congratulations for selected!