Student Union of Laurea Univeristy of Applied Siences Council of Representatives had organizing meeting on 29th of November in Espoo. In meeting Council selected Presidents and board for year 2018.




President of the Council in year 2018 will be Roope Kuivalainen (Otaniemi, Business Management), 1st Vice-President Rami Laitila and 2nd Vice-President Laura Pöllänen. Councils term is from 1.1. to 31.12.2018.

“I’m grateful of the trust that the representatives council has given me. I want to develop myself and the council forward and this last year has given a great platform for that. For the next year I expect reforms on how the council does things, the launch of Laureamko’s new strategy and active work from the whole Laureamko family.” says President of the Council Kuivalainen.





President of the Board in year 2018 will be Lauri Väisänen (Otaniemi, Business Management). Vice-President will be Emmi Lintunen (Tikkurila, Social Services).

“The year 2017 went fast and after unexpected turn of events I got appointed as the Chairperson of the Student Union of Laurea. My excitement and expectations are high after the elections, and I hope that we’ll have great following year as the new Board of the Student Union. Our new Board of Members appears really excited and promising, and I believe that the following year will be a year of challenge and success.” says new President of the Board Väisänen.

Members of the Board will be Susanna Haarala (Leppävaara, Restaurant Entrepreneurship), Jenni Hyvärinen (Leppävaara, Business Information Technology), Merike Mauring (Leppävaara, Business Management), Anna Marttila (Hyvinkää, Nursing), Silja Nurmi (Hyvinkää, Nursing) and Riku Simola (Leppävaara, Restaurant Entrepreneurship). Boards term is from 1.1. to 31.12.2018.