The Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and the KEHA-Center are building an entirely new kind of digital recruitment platform concept, in which the recruitment is done in the future with agility and speed – to all parties. This service supports the Government’s spearhead project, digitalisation and modernization of labor administration to support employment. To be completed in 2018, the project will combine public and private service providers to offer job seekers, employers, intermediary organizations, students and training organizations an agile place to meet. Work is sought on the basis of expertise and skills needs, instead of traditional professional titles.


Building the service will start with a pilot project where there are 7 growth companies involved from recruitment industry. These are Vainu, Me2We, Treamer, Tiitus, Duunitori, and Valmennuskeskus Public. During the pilot project feedback is collected from users on the site and its activities, so that the introduction of the actual platform will serve in the best way possible right from its opening. Työmarkkinatori collects user feedback on its proposals and their compatibility with the needs of job seekers and employers, through which the search algorithms learn to make better decisions.


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