Laureamko Shop postal fee changes starting 1.10. New postal fee is 1,9 €.

Student card stickers and overall patches have been available in Laureamko Shop online store.

This is how we make our service even faster for you.

If you are ordering a student card sticker for yourself in Laureamko Shop, make sure;

a) you are present in Laurea
b) new student: if you ordered your student card and membership (which means -> sticker), you don’t need to order a sticker from Laureamko Shop…unless you want it sent to your home.
c) Did you pay for 3,5/4 year membership in advance at the beginning of yur studies? Don’t order a new sticker, choose “Delivery of advance sticker – academic year” or “…. semester”. If you can’t remember your membership information, ask us about it for e.g. on our chat on our website.