A significant change is underway in the student Union, as traditional overalls of the same color give way to a new, more individual approach. Students will soon be able to express their degree through the color of their overalls. However, in the name of Laurea’s community, we wanted to keep the pink back pocket in all overalls.

Student union’s chairperson Renja Tilander says that the decision on the reform was made after listening to students’ feedback and wishes. The new degree-specific overalls are also a way to highlight Laurea’s versatile education offering. Degree-specific overalls support students’ professional identity and pride. With industry-specific sponsors, a larger number of sponsors is made possible, which enables us to lower the price of overalls for the student even more efficiently.

Which coverall color represents your degree?

Green: Social fields, i.e. social workers, criminal punishment social workers, rehabilitation counselors

Black: Bachelor of Business Administration

Lila: Health care, i.e. nurses, health nurses and Physiotherapists

Pink: Beauty care and cosmetics industry

LARE sells orange coveralls for tourism, restaurant and event industry students

Jenkins sells light blue coveralls for computing, software and information technology students

Anyone can buy old overalls, but especially if you are an exchange student, overalls found in stock are recommended so you can still use them during your exchange.

Fitting pieces for overalls can be found on the campuses and the student can fit overalls within the opening hours of the campus office.

You can pre-order the overalls from Laureamko’s online store shop.laureamko.fi. When the overalls arrive, they can be picked up at Laureamko’s campus offices. Follow Laureamko’s information, and you will know when the overalls are available for pickup.

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