29 Sean Kipinä | Sitoutumaton

Hello, Laurea Stars!

I bring a unique twist to the Council of Representatives – I’ve served as a financial superhero on a credit union’s supervisory committee! But now, I’m here to champion your dreams at Laurea, transforming budgets into symphonies of opportunity.

Just as I safeguarded financial interests, I pledge to guard your student fees and uphold transparency. We’ll shake things up, Laureamko-style, and together, we’ll redefine student power.

Vote for the credit union champ, vote for epic Laureamko. Your support fuels our transformation. Thank you for believing in our vision! Together, we’ll make Laurea shine brighter than ever, creating a student life that truly represents your dreams and ambitions. Join our crescendo of change!


”Thundering Change: Laureamko’s Energy Unleashed”