What is the representatives election about?

The Council of Representatives is the uppermost decision-maker of Laureamko. 15 members and 15 deputies, who represent the students’ voice, are chosen to the Council at the election. The representatives make decisions on the budget, on the plan of action and on the political lines at its meetings, among other things.

The Council of Representatives for 2018 is chosen with an election 31.10.-7.11.2018. The elections are held electronically. Members, who have paid their membership fees are entitled to vote.

Use your voice!

Do you want to change your student union? Do you care who decides how your membership fee is used? As a member of Laureamko you are entitled to vote in the Council of representatives’ election. By voting for the candidate that agree  with your views, you make sure that your student union does what you want.

All members of Laureamko are entitled to vote in the representatives elections 31.10.-7.11. If you have a valid sticker on your student card or working Frank App in your phone, you should be able to vote.

Vote in the representatives elections is electric. Links for voting will be send to the @student.laurea.fi e-mail addresses when voting starts on 31st of October.

Get to know your candidates on Electoral Candidate Gallery 2018.

Get elected!

Do you want to decide how Laureamko budgets money? Do you want to change the objectives lobbied by your student union? Get elected to the Council of Representatives and take the power in your own hands!

Becoming a representative is an efficient way to make a difference but also a good learning experience. As a rep you get to know the student union’s budgeting, ways to plan and evaluate operations and strategic leadership. Furthermore as a representative you can get involved in many things according to your own interests. These topic can include developing the education, marketing the membership, improving student union’s services, student well-being or even sport services in higher education. You can even get credits from your activities.

Register as a candidate at the latest on the 28th of September at noon. The candidates can establish electoral alliances. The voices of the electoral alliance benefit everyone belonging to the alliance.

Information to the candidates

Already decided to be a candidate? Sweet! In the following chapters there are hints to the candidacy and campaigning and the important dates which are worth putting to your calendar.


You can do campaigning in various ways. One persuades all her friends to vote, second tweets, snaps and shares memes in social media and  third one will deal her brochures during lunch breaks. The most important thing is to be civilized and also cheer for other candidates.

Laureamko produces the official marketing material in which all the candidates are introduced. The candidates have to follow the campaigning the instructions made by the Central Election Committee.

Put to the calendar

3.9.2018 Announcement of elections will be published

28.9.2018 Registrations of candidates ends

31.10.-7.11.2018 The elections

13.11.2018 The last meeting of the Council 2018. The new reps are welcome to follow the meeting!

11.12.-12.12.2018 Ship Off – A seminar cruise for all actives in Laureamko

Representative and more

As a member of council you can apply for the following tasks:

  • the chairperson
  • the vice-chairperson

The chairperson convenes the representatives and leads the meetings. She has the help of the executive director who serves as the secretary of the Council of Representatives. The chairperson and vice-chairpersons are also invited to the meetings of the board.

Results of the previous elections